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[ 2006-07-30 17:29:46 ] PRINT VERSION | EMAIL KE TEMAN  

Evacuation of Indonesian Ambassador in Beirut

oleh : Redaksi

Source: Department of Foreign Affairs
Republic of Indonesia ( from http://www.indonesian-embassy.or.jp July 25 2006 (News))

As addressed by the Spokesperson for the Department of Foreign Affairs, Desra Percaya, in a press briefing, at Palapa Room, July 21 2006. Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia instructed the evacuation of Embassy staffs but witholding a diplomat and two local staff to maintain the operation of the embassy, tend to the needs of Indonesian citizen still living in Lebanon and protect the building and other Indonesian asset in Lebanon. Evacuation of Indonesian Ambassador in Beirut does not imply that Indonesia-Lebanon diplomatic relationship is experiencing a downgrade but is an act taken because of the recent uncertainty of the situation in Lebanon. Spokesperson added that majority of foreign embassy in Beirut had also evacuated their staffs.

Besides the two issues above, Spokesperson also addressed the Department's agenda which include the 39th Asean Ministerial Meeting (39th AMM)  that will take place in Kuala Lumpur, 24-28 July 2006. In that meeting, the ASEAN Community and regional issues and international issues will be discussed (including issues concerning Myanmar, Iraq, and the recent situation of the Middle East). Spokesperson added Visa Exemption for ASEAN nations will be signed in that the 39th AMM.

In the press briefing, Spokesperson clarified the issue that some Indonesian Embassy had been bugged. Spokesperson stated that base on routine inspections, there is an indication of a bug but indication alone can not conclude that those Embassy had been bugged. In this matter, the Department of Foreign Affairs also assures the security of all communication channels.

Also at the press briefing, Spokesperson addressed the planned meeting of the President of the Republic of Indonesia with Prime Minister of Timor Leste on June 25th 2006. The Prime Minister's visit is to show the close relationship with Indonesia.

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